10 Easy Ways to Make Your Room Look More Spacious

Are you currently living in a small space or you want to make your room look bigger? In this article, we will provide 10 actionable tips to create more space.

How to Create More Space in Your Room

1. Create the Illusion
In a small room, you can make it look larger by trying to erase the boundary of the room. Paint the walls, ceilings and moldings in the same color. Use closely-matched colors for the floor. By doing this, you have created a bigger looking room with ease.

2. The Bigger The Better
Many people who have small rooms are discouraged to use big furniture. Anyway, we believe this is a wrong idea.

Try to use a relatively big centerpiece furniture together with smaller furniture such as chairs and sofas without arms. This will help to create the illusion that the room is spacious. 

By using a small centerpiece, you make people notice that the room is really small and the space is so tight.

3. Utilize Negative Space
In architecture and interior design, negative space refers to the empty area around particular furniture. In a small room, you can use the principle of negative space by using furniture without skirts. So the light can travel better which will make the room look brighter and bigger.

4. Utilize Reflection
One of the most common tip to make the room look bigger is the use wall mirrors. However, modern designer will create more reflection by using transparent furniture, glass furniture, Lucite furniture and glossy furniture. For example, you can use a glass coffee table on top of beautiful carpet. 

By using the see-through furniture, you can make the room look more spacious.

5. Use the Unused Space
Unused space such as space near the windows is the place you can utilize more. Positioning a sofa or a bench near the windows will create a good spot for your reading and small chat.

6. Make Windows Look Bigger
The use of draperies has a very big impact on the perception of the room size. Hang draperies as high as possible so the windows will look much taller.

7. Create Distraction Wisely
If you live in a low ceiling room, try to use the stylish yet busy-pattern carpet. So the carpet will draw your attention to them instead of the awkward and low ceiling.

8. Trick Your Eyes
Artwork and photo frames can be used to create the bigger looking horizontal space. Hang your favorite paintings and photographs with large frames as a focal point of the room.

9. Utilize Corner Space
Put furniture on the angle is the better way to save space. For example, a corner fireplace uses less space and create a cozy feeling to the room.

10. Use Neglected Space
You can entirely eliminate the space for a standard floor lamp and even a side table by utilizing a wall-mounted lamp.