10 Reasons Why You Should Decorate Your Own Home

Since your home is the place where you spend most of your time, we believe you can make it a much better place to live by simply learning a little bit of home decoration or interior design. In this article, we will show you 10 reasons why you should decorate your own home.

Decorate Your Own Home

1. Home decoration is easier than you think
Learning home decoration and interior design is much easier than you think. Anyone can start learning it even if they are not a master designer or a creative mind. There are many articles on this website that will help you learn it easily. So feel free to browse our site after you are done reading this!

2. It's a chance to practice your creativity
Creativity is a very important aspect of people's lives. You use creativity a lot in your daily life, whether it’s managing your time schedule, decorating your plate of food or coming up with those work ideas. Learning and using interior design will help you become more creative. Then you can get those creative tasks done much better and easier.

3. There are apps you can use
In this day and age, you can use your cell phone to do many things, including home decorating and interior design. The list below are some mobile apps that you can use to make your home a better place,

- Houzz App: map decorative items with the photo of your room

- Color 911: upload the photo of your items and the app will create a suitable color scheme for you

- Photo Measures: measure the working areas by taking the photos

- Mark on Call: create a floor plan right on your iPhone

4. An interior designer is not really needed
Hiring an interior designer can be a pain in the neck. Because, what they design for you might not be just for your liking. Many people find that some interior designers offer very complex solutions to a simple project or a small room just to prove their skills. Why waste time hiring them when you can push your own limit? It’s your home so why would someone else determine how it looks!

5. You can save a lot of bucks
We find that lots of people pay $100-150 per hour for an interior designer consultation fee. FYI, you will be billed for a phone call with your interior designer! In a very small project, most people pay around $400-500. Another scenario is that you may have to pay for the design plan even if you don't like it at all.

By decorating your own home, you can save this fund for a decent looking furniture set of your choice. 

6. Choosing an interior designer is a headache 
Many people find it difficult to choose an interior designer because they don't understand many things in the portfolio, such as a floor plan or 3D model. Moreover, you will have to check their qualifications, references, and the list of contractors they will use. For your information, many local governments have established the guidelines about how to select the interior designers (so this is the complicated issue).

7. Interior design contract is too complicated
Other than defining a realistic project scope and output, you will have to deal with the legal terms if you want to use an interior designer, for example, Statement of Work, Project Timeline, Approval Process and Termination Clause.

8. You can avoid cost overrun
We know for the fact that most interior designers will provide you with the cost estimate for the overall project. However, these costs are subject to change due to the change of work scope, time required to complete a project, the change in decorative items, seasonal price change and so on. By doing your own home decoration, you can avoid this painful mistake.

9. Some interior designers are not straightforward
Some interior designers may offer the relatively low hourly consultation fee or even the flat fee. However, they may only recommend furnishing items that they get commissions from sellers instead of things that clients really need. Or, they get trade discounts from suppliers but they don't pass on to you.

10. You can keep existing furniture
Since you decorate your own home, you will try to make use of existing furniture as much as possible. On the contrary, you may need to throw your stuffs away if they don't fit in with the design done by an interior designer.

Do you prefer the DIY approach to an interior designer?

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