What is Baroque Style Furniture? A Buyer's Guide

Are you looking for Baroque Style Furniture for your home? Here, we will talk about Baroque art, furniture and the place you can buy Baroque Style Furniture.

1. What is the Meaning of "Baroque"?
The term "Baroque" is derived from a Spanish or Portuguese word which refers to a pearl. This word is also used to describe something elaborated. For example, American Baroque Furniture means elegant American furniture.

2. What is Baroque Art?
Baroque Period appeared in 1600 under the influence of Roman Catholic Church in Italy, France, German and most of Europe. It's the era when artists in various branched such as architecture, painting, music and literature created works to communicate the religious message and attract more people to the church in response to the Protestant Reformation Movement. In short, Baroque art is something religious related to grand design and high level of ornamentation.

Baroque art lost its influence around 1750.

3. What is Baroque Furniture?
Baroque furniture was used in conjunction with the architectural design to display the power of the Catholic Church.

At first, Baroque furniture from Italy dominated most of Europe. Later, German Baroque designers began developing its own version of Baroque furniture by using heavy molding and expensive materials. In France under the Louis XIV reign, there was a development of the Louis XIV style that used less ornamentation (Louis XIV furniture is also classified as Baroque furniture).

4. What is Baroque Furniture Design?
Major characteristics of Baroque furniture design can be summarized as below,

- Extensive use of S-curve
- Bold design
- Exaggerating scale
- High contrast of light and dark
- Deep molding and carving
- High level of ornamentation
- Use valuable wood

5. What is Baroque Style Furniture?
It is the newly produced furniture with the adoptions of some elements of Baroque design.

6. Where to Buy Baroque Style Furniture?
Now we will show you the examples of newly made furniture in Baroque style available on Amazon.com as below,

6.1 Bed

This Baroque style bed is made of solid wood with the brown cherry finish. The dark color shows the boldness which is the feature of the Baroque style. The headboard and footboard use leatherette with a button tufted style to create the elegant look.

6.2 Steel Bed

Steel Bed
This steel bed puts the twist on Baroque style by using carbon steel with gleaming gold finish coating. And the grills are decorated according to Baroque patterns. This will surely become a statement piece in your bedroom.

6.3 Night Table

Night Table
The night table, as shown above, uses a solid wood construction with the brown cherry finish. It comes with nice drawer pulls. The bold color night table like this will be a very good addition to Baroque style bed in your room.

6.4 Bedroom Chest

Bedroom Chest
This brown cherry finish bedroom chest is made of quality solid wood and veneer follows Baroque style. Brass hardware adds the elegance to the overall looking. It complements a Baroque style bedroom perfectly.

6.5 Chair

This Baroque style chair doesn't look as rich as other furniture in Baroque style. It comes with hardwood structure and it's upholstered by hand. You can use in the bedroom, living room or just add it to your existing dining table set.

6.6 Cocktail Table (Louis XIV Style)

Cocktail Table
Louis XIV style cocktail table is in French Baroque style. The beveled glass top makes it looks lighter so it's ideal for modern style home too. The gilded gold decorative details are just stunning!

Are you a big fan of furniture in Baroque style and why?