What is Chippendale Style Furniture?

How to identify Chippendale Style Furniture? We will introduce you to its designer, some history and where to buy Chippendale Style Furniture online.

1. Who Made Chippendale Furniture?
Thomas Chippendale was a legendary furniture maker in the history of British design who made "Chippendale Furniture". He was born in 1718, a son of John Chippendale. His father was in the woodworking industry for a long time. So, it's safe to assume that he got furniture making knowledge from his father. In 1749, Chippendale started his own workshop. He passed away in 1779 and the furniture making business was carried on by his son, Thomas Chippendale (Jr). Please note that when we talk about Chippendale Furniture, it's mainly about the works of Thomas Chippendale (Sr).

2. What is a Chippendale Furniture?
In 1754, Thomas Chippendale published a book called "The Gentleman and Cabinet Maker's Director" or "The Director" in short. It was the first book in the history of British design that was dedicated to furniture design. This book was also revised 2 times in 1755 and 1762.

After publishing "The Director", he became very famous. He expanded his furniture making business rapidly, employed some other famous furniture makers and designers. Later, his workshop was the bigger workshop in London.

3. How to Identify Chippendale Furniture?
Many people think Chippendale furniture was the adaptation of other furniture styles. So, the list below is the summary of Chippendale furniture design characteristics,
- S-Curve from French Rococo style (Louis XV)
- Cabriole legs from Queen Anne style
- Columns, arches and delicate carving from Gothic style
- Geometric weaving pattern (latticework) from Chinese furniture
4. What is Chinese Chippendale?
Since Chinese style latticework is a very unique feature of Chippendale furniture, sometimes Chippendale Furniture is called "Chinese Chippendale".

5. What is Chippendale Style Furniture?
Chippendale style furniture is the modern furniture that adopts the Chippendale design in some ways. The reason why Chippendale style furniture is so popular is that it creates harmony from different types of design that don't seem to go well together.

6. Where to Buy Chippendale Style Furniture?
The following section will present you newly made Chippendale style furniture from Amazon.com.

6.1 Chippendale Style Vanity Table

Chippendale Style Vanity Set
This Chippendale style vanity set uses Queen Anne style leg. It also uses bat wing drawer pulls which are used extensively in Chippendale style furniture. Vanity table and stool frame use solid wood and it comes with a 3-sided foldable mirror.

6.2 Chippendale Style Side Table

Chippendale Style Side Table
This Chippendale style side table clearly shows the Chinese influence through the use of geometric weaving pattern (latticework) at the front door. The geometric design is also used for the skirt. Green crackle finish makes it look more valuable and it can be the accent piece in any room.

6.3 Chippendale Style Glider (Rocking Chair)

Chippendale Style Glider
This Chippendale style glider demonstrates the flexibility of the Chippendale style. The reason is that most Chippendale style furniture is for indoor use, but this glider is the example of chic looking outdoor furniture. The surface of this glider protects against natural elements.

6.4 Chippendale Style Dining Set
Chippendale Style Dining Set
This Chippendale style dining set also uses latticework backing as in Chinese style furniture. It is supposed to be the outdoor or patio furniture but it looks chic enough for a casual dining room too.

6.5 Chippendale Style Buffet (Sideboard)

Chippendale Style Buffet
Chippendale style buffet like this makes a minor twist from most Chippendale style furniture. Even though it has the oak finish as in other Chippendale styles, it uses steel latticework. So it's modern enough as an office bookcase, but it's also formal enough for a dining room.

6.6 Chippendale Style Stool

Chippendale Style Stool
This Chippendale style stool adapts S-curve and Queen Anne legs beautifully. It comes with brass finished foot rail and distressed deep cherry finish so it's the ideal extra seating in your living room or bedroom.

6.7 Chippendale Style Sofa

Chippendale Style Sofa
This Chippendale sofa is the modern interpretation of Chippendale style furniture. It uses rolled arm as in other Chippendale sofas. However, the low legs make it look more sturdy. This is surely a decent looking sofa for your living room.

Do you like Chippendale style furniture and why?