What is Shaker Design and Its Furniture?

Do you like Shaker style furniture? In this article, we will explain more details about Shaker design movement and where to find Shaker style furniture to buy.

1. What is the History of Shaker Movement?
The Shaker movement started as early as 1774. Mother Ann Lee with 8 followers traveled to America to find more freedom in religious belief. The word "Shaker" was from the movement in religious ritual. The Shakers believed in modest lifestyle and didn't want to involve with politics, entertainment and materialism in any way. An early Shakers' settlement could be found in New England.

The Shakers tried to create a society where everyone could live in harmony. Hard work was also the philosophy of the Shakers.

2. What is Shaker Style in Interior Design?
The Shaker design was the way to practice moderate lifestyle. They had the design principles that they adhered to as below,

- Create perfection
- Consider both material and function
- Avoid unnecessary or useless ornamentation
- Focus on simplicity and efficiency

These guiding principles enabled them to create very innovative items such as water-repellent clothing, washing machine, steel pen and so on. Because of their innovation, the Shakers engaged in more trading activities with the outside world. Later, they could not continue the modest life, and they disappeared in the 20th century.

3. What is Shaker Furniture?
Shaker communities were quite small, so new members would become the Shakers by conversion. Some of these new members were skillful carpenters and cabinetmakers. Gradually, these furniture makers absorbed the Shaker's design principles and filled the need of the Shaker community. Shaker furniture was known to use simple materials and it's built to last for years. To create the effect of good veneer, the Shakers used buttermilk to conceal the rough surface.

In the year 1775-1800, the Shaker could only produce a small amount of primitive furniture. The golden age of Shaker furniture was 1820-1850 when they struck the right balance between simplicity and function. The furniture from "The New Lebanon Church Family" in the east were the masterpieces that other Shaker furniture makers had to learn from.

In 1850, the popularity of Shaker furniture diminished due to the popularity of Victorian style furniture. The production of Shaker furniture totally stopped in the 20th century.

4. What is Shaker Style Furniture?
Since Shaker design is quite simple, many interior designers find it easy to incorporate the Shaker design in the modern home. Then, the shaker furniture is reborn! Shaker style furniture is the furniture that incorporates the design principles that satisfy the needs of the modern home.

5. Where to Buy Shaker Style Furniture?
If you like the function and simplicity, let's check out the list of newly made Shaker style furniture as below,

5.1 Shaker Style Dining Table

Shaker Style Dining Table
This dining table comes with a beautiful black and cherry color combination. It also has nice shaker style legs. Anyway, you will only find a small dining table like this (not a dining table for 6-8 people). The reason is that the Shakers focus on modest life style.

5.2 Shaker Style Writing Desk

Shaker Style Writing Desk
This writing desk brings simplicity to your home. All sides of surface are finished. This shaker style furniture looks quite cool and will be a good addition to your home office.

5.3 Shaker Style Bench

Shaker Style Bench
This storage bench will provide you with both comfort and function. It truly follows the design principles of Shaker style furniture. It uses solid pine with protective lacquer. The bench lid is equipped with safety hinge.

5.4 Shaker Style TV Stand

Shaker Style TV Stand
This TV stand can accommodate up to 52" TV. The color is just right, not too light or not too dark. It also provides you with ample storage space for all your needs.

5.5 Shaker Style Night Stand

Shaker Style Night Stand
This nice night stand comes with a warm looking antique walnut finish. The beveled top absolutely elevates the look of this shaker style furniture.

5.6 Shaker Style Dresser

Shaker Style Dresser
This stylish dresser is so extraordinary. The reason is that it uses solid Mahogany wood which can be rarely found in Shaker style furniture. The special surface finish reveals the beauty of wood's natural grain. So it will be a centerpiece in your bedroom.

5.7 Shaker Style Bed

Shaker Style Bed
Shaker style bed like this is the modern interpretation of classic Shaker style furniture. Steel structure with black powder coating makes this bed very durable. The slat design imitates the Shaker design in a nice way. In short, it's the tradition in style.

Do you like Shaker style furniture we present to you today?