What is Bohemian Style Furniture?

What is the difference between Bohemian style furniture and Boho Chic? Here we will discuss Bohemian and Boho style and where to buy Bohemian style furniture.

1. What is the Bohemian Style?
Bohémiens referred to the Romani or Gypsy population from France, called as such because they were believed to have come from Bohemia, a region in the Czech Republic. In reality, the Romani people have their origins in India.

During the nineteenth century, after the French Revolution, many artists were plunged into poverty and as a result, lived below their means, dressing in unfashionable or worn out clothes. Tired and frustrated from being confined within the materialistic ideals of the bourgeois, they embraced creativity and imagination.

Bohemian style has evolved throughout the twentieth century re-emerging as the hippie and beatnik style during the 1950s and 1960s. The likes of William Morris, father of the Arts and Crafts movement, Dorothy McNeill and her granddaughter Talitha Getty, Bohemian fashion icons and even the actress, Sienna Miller has contributed to what is now known as Boho Chic.

2. What is Boho Chic Decor?
The word "BOHO" means "Bohemian Homeless". Boho Chic is a style for the creative, laidback and carefree. Layered, patterned and colored best sums up what Boho Chic style is all about. It disregards stiffness and is an expression of creativity. A true Eclectic style, wonderfully weird, laidback, carefree and no bare space is left behind.

Boho Chic style opposes the ideals of minimalism. A Boho Chic home contains treasured objects and vintage collectibles. Walls are never bare filled with tapestries, pictures frames and trophies. Books, lots of it filling untidy stacks of shelves are also a must. Hanging planters with dangling foliage and trellises with creeping vines add greenery to this chaotic space. There are no set rules with Boho Chic.

3. What is Bohemian Style Furniture?
Much like their clothing, the Bohemians made use of furniture that was either salvaged or passed down from another generation. A typical Bohemian interior would contain furniture that is either recycled or vintage.

Color, pattern and texture – Bohemian style furniture is not one to shy away from rich colors and patterns.

Bohemian style furniture rebels against the strict mix and match of many styles and layers of patterns from different eras and styles are all combined. Chinoiserie, Victorian style florals, ikats, Aztec prints, tribal prints Рare all layered together to create visual interest. Add to that textural contrasts using different textiles and it all contributes to a successful Boho Chic room. Tassels, lace, macram̩, knits are all keys to achieving the carefree look.

4. Where to Buy Bohemian Style Furniture?
In the following section, we will introduce you to newly produced Bohemian style furniture that are available on Amazon.com.

4.1 Bohemian Style Queen Bed

Bohemian Style Queen Bed
This Queen Bed shows that Bohemian style furniture is the fusion of eras. This bed looks like it comes from the different period, Victorian era to be specific. Bohemian style furniture has no distinct style of its own.

4.2 Bohemian Style Bench

Bohemian Style Bench
It is a mixture of textural patterns – this bench is upholstered in loud and bold prints of different textures or patchwork fabrics. Bohemian style furniture like this is said to have originated from East Asia, are chosen because of its comfort.

4.3 Bohemian Style Egg Chair

Bohemian Style Egg Chair
The Bohemian lifestyle is carefree and laidback so it makes sense that Bohemian style furniture is either on the floor or hanging down from the ceiling. This egg chair is designed with a relaxed vibe in mind.

4.4 Bohemian Style Stool

Bohemian Style Stool
Beautifully chaotic – the right term to describe Bohemian style furniture, not for the faint-hearted, the neat freak and certainly not for the minimalists. This nice looking stool is free-spirited and unconventional. It is unusual, yet carefree and relaxed. Weird and strange but still beautiful, nonetheless.

4.5 Bohemian Style Ottoman

Bohemian Style Ottoman
It is soft and relaxed – Bohemian style furniture always looks relaxed. This orange ottoman makes the room feels inviting and warm thanks to the cozy look.

4.6 Bohemian Style Accent Table

Bohemian Style Accent Table
It looks disheveled – Although more contemporary Bohemian styles make use of innovative furniture, disheveled furniture like this accent table will always be one of the hallmarks of Bohemian style furniture.

4.7 Bohemian Style Rug

Bohemian Style Rug
Floor lounging was also influenced not only by the laidback lifestyle but also because of the different cultures that promote comfortably sitting on the floor. Patterned rug like this is a must for Bohemian style decor.

What are things that you love about Bohemian style furniture and why?