What is Hollywood Regency Furniture?

Have you ever heard of Hollywood Regency Furniture? This article will explain more about the history of Hollywood Regency furniture style and where to buy.

1. What is the History of Hollywood Regency Style?
Dating back to the 1930s during Hollywood's Golden Age, Hollywood Regency style is known for its glamour and twist on classic pieces from bygone eras. At the time, movie producers desired larger-than-life movie sets for their silver screen stars and thus the Hollywood Regency style was born.

Dorothy Draper and William Haines each injected their own version of Hollywood Regency style. Dorothy Draper was a lover of bold colors and oversized stripes and botanical prints. Her style was more traditional often borrowing pieces from traditional furniture and twisting them to suit the American homes.

Haines was an actor turned into an interior designer where his friendships with Hollywood stars helped launch him to a designer for the elite. Like Draper, he also borrowed pieces from past eras but his were more from the nineteenth century European designs. He used dramatically large sculptures and exaggerated feminine touches in his works. In his later works, his definition of Hollywood Regency became more streamlined often taking inspiration from mid-century modern styles.

Despite the style undergoing changes through the decades, there's no denying that William Haines and Dorothy Draper have left large impressions on the Hollywood Regency style that many designers today still apply in their works.

2. What does Hollywood Regency Style Mean?
With Hollywood Regency, the style is neither bare nor cluttered. A room should elicit elegance but crowding it with too much takes away the glamor and will only serve to create chaos. The trick is to create a cohesive look, selecting items for quality and picking accents that screams the right amount of presence, only then can elegance be achieved, for example, mirrored and metallic surfaces, fretworks, tufted upholstery in rich velvets as well as borrowed pieces from past styles (Victorian, Baroque, Neoclassical, midcentury modern, Art deco.)

3. What is Hollywood Regency Furniture?
As mentioned earlier, Hollywood Regency made use of traditional pieces from the past and designers added their own flair to make it fresh and new. Due to the emphasis on glamour, there is a huge focus on the texture, color and form of each furniture. Moreover, importance is placed on turning what seems to be an outdated piece into something fresh, exciting and catered towards the main feature of Hollywood Regency which is all about alluring elegance.

Anything that could instantly add glamour to a furniture was used. With upholstered items like sofas and chairs, the style borrows pieces from different periods – Neoclassical, Baroque, Louis XIV, Victorian – the list goes on. Tufted upholstery, sometimes with buttons and crystals, was a trademark. Soon brass or antiqued nail heads and piping in contrast to the main fabric were added.

4. Where to Buy Hollywood Regency Furniture?
Newly produced Hollywood Regency furniture can be found on Amazon.com as below,

4.1 Hollywood Regency Nightstand

Hollywood Regency Nightstand
Glamorous Sheen – Hollywood Regency furniture loves all things shiny. Glossy finish elevated this elegant nightstand piece. Recently, there has been a popularity in the use of mirrored finish vanity cabinets, nightstands and end tables with fancy crystal or gold knobs. So this nightstand is now the trend.

4.2 Hollywood Regency Silver Leaf Cabinet

Hollywood Regency Silver Leaf Cabinet
More contemporary forms of Hollywood Regency furniture made use of metallic pieces in the form of metal leaf cabinets. This silver leaf cabinet is the reminiscent of haute couture gowns of the past Hollywood stars made its way to the fame.

4.3 Hollywood Regency Bed

Hollywood Regency Bed
Use of Luxurious Fabrics – Similar to what a Hollywood star would wear to the red carpet, Hollywood Regency furniture features the use of fabrics that identify with glamour. For example, this elegant bed uses gray linen looking fabric. Textiles are chosen not only because of how it looks but also because of how it feels to the touch.

4.4 Hollywood Regency Dresser

Hollywood Regency Dresser
Glamour and Luxury – There's a certain air of elegance about Hollywood Regency furniture perhaps because of the fact that it was born out of a style catered to the stars. This Hollywood Regency dresser feels and looks luxurious and yet it doesn't feel over-the-top.

4.5 Hollywood Regency Chair

Hollywood Regency Chair
Fretwork was often seen in many Hollywood Regency furniture including this Chinese Chippendale chair. Gilded fretwork (gold leaf finish) has been used and has been a welcome addition to today's interpretation of Hollywood Regency furniture.

4.6 Hollywood Regency Coffee Table

Hollywood Regency Coffee Table
Hollywood Regency furniture uses stainless steel frame and legs for tables to further create reflection and sparkle. This Hollywood Regency coffee table uses brushed gold finish and marble which is the effective method of attaining the luxurious look.

4.7 Hollywood Regency End Table

Hollywood Regency End Table

Although modern Hollywood Regency furniture pieces use splayed or straight wooden legs, some still use the antique legs (fluted, bun, ball, turnip, cabriole). The more contemporary piece like this Hollywood Regency End Table uses the bamboo style gilt bar to retain traditional and classic styles but made use of another element such as antiqued gold finish. Mirrors serve to create and add sparkle.

Are you convinced now that Hollywood Regency furniture can be the addition to your room?