Stylish & Affordable Home Office Ideas for Freelance Writers

Nowadays, as people are moving more towards freelancing with the advancement of technology; the growing trend is to work from home. Home offices have become fundamental spaces and designing a home office is equally important as setting up any other space in the house. However, we tend to neglect to decorate or designing our home office space. 

Whether it is designating a certain spot or creating a mini desk nook, it has to meet the elements of a home office. Home offices need to be highly functional and organized, serving its purpose to the freelancer with sufficient lighting, privacy, appropriate furniture and décor that would provide a visual sense of spaciousness in a small space. Here are some ways of adding up a stylish yet economical home office for the creative writer in you.

1. Go offbeat
For a writer, a home office setup needs to be inspirational to boost up more creativity. Be it a bedroom or separate office room, move away from the plain boring desk and bring in a whimsical setup. Add a curvy or irregular desk, with a colorful pinboard, funky chair with color burst and floating bookshelves that would give an artistic flair. You can also create a rustic office with reclaimed wood for a casual feel or have it themed based.


2. Embrace legacy
It is not mandatory to purchase new furniture for your home office. Consider transforming grandpa’s antique desk or console into an office desk. Pairing it up with a modern chair will create an eclectic ambiance.

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3. Use free space
Converting the empty space under your stairs into a mini office is an excellent option. You can cleverly utilize this unused space with built-in shelves and desk to create a perfect office with maximum privacy. Add a funky desk lamp and a small pinboard to glam it up. There are two ways to create an under stairs office; one is facing the wall along the length of staircase slope and the other perpendicular, width wise, positioned right under the stairs. However, for the latter, you can enclose the space by mounting a swing door.

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The vacant space down an empty hallway or a niche in a passageway can be used as an optimal desk setup for freelancers. However, you have to make sure that there are enough privacy and light in those spaces to fulfill the requirements. A sleek white desk with lots of storage space beneath or fixed cabinets above and a folding chair would be practical.

4. Use smart option
Limited living space, a small room or bachelor pad doesn’t necessarily mean you compromise on your workstation. Adding a foldable wall desk with or without inbuilt storage is an excellent choice. You can buy one of the readily available desks or get it custom made. It is a great way to save floor space and provide you with a minimalist and organized living space. Similarly, a loft bed with office desk underneath can be nifty and functional.

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5. Utilize built-in furniture
What can be more inspirational than a great outdoor view for a freelance writer? A cantilevered desk or built-in desk near a large bay window can enhance the aesthetic value as well as save on additional light fixtures. You can use both the sides of storage and center for seating. Likewise, you can optimize the end of a narrow balcony space to mount a small desk.

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Choices for a home office setup are wide, but opt for what serves your purpose, and personalize and accessorize it with the décor of your choice to create the ultimate home office that is chic, classy and economical.