Cozy and Beautiful Reading Nook Ideas for a Bookworm

Reading a good book with a cup of coffee in a cozy nook, away from the worldly uncertainties is the ultimate desire of a bookworm. Reading nooks can be designated anywhere; in an outdoor space or indoor space as long as it serves its purpose. It does not have to be an entire room but a cozy corner near a window or in the attic as long as it meets the essentials of having ample reading light, be it natural or artificial, some privacy, soothing ambiance and comfortable seating to make your reading more enjoyable. Let us take a peek into some of the creative and stylish ideas of adding a quintessential reading nook into your living space.

1. Make use of the unused
Certain corners serve no purpose, utilizing these spaces for reading is wise and practical. An end of a long passageway or an unused corner of a hallway can be converted into a secluded reading zone. A spacious area can accommodate a bench, chaise, an armchair with a funky Moroccan pouf and a reading light in the absence of a window or natural light.

In case of a small space or utilize a bedroom corner by throwing a beanbag and a lamp together for a snuggly reading nook.

The space under the staircase, a "common" neglected space in the house can be converted into a reading sanctuary with an inbuilt bookshelf cum seating with cushion and pillows. Leave it open or enclosed for an excellent reading hideout.

Source: Bored Panda

2. Build nook with a view
Inspired by the Arabian low seating, create a small reading or relaxing space near a large window with a couple of mattresses with or without a low platform and throw pillows for a trendy, whimsical touch. This is the best way to coordinate your favorite patterns and colors with the choice of upholstery and curtain fabric.

A bay window can be apt for a cost-effective yet peaceful reading territory. Set up a cushy window seating with some pillows, underneath the shelf and sheer curtains to complete the scenario. It will save the dime on the lighting fixtures.

Source: Prime Decors

3. Create perfect hideaway
One of the most functional and smart ways to designate a reading spot in a bedroom or any other feasible space including your living room is to design a wooden reading loft with a bookshelf. Converting the attic or space under a sloped roof into a reading loft will save up ample floor space as well as provide a tranquil reading covert. Consider using an unused built-in cabinet for an ideal reading den.

Source: Pinterest

4. Create outdoor retreats
Nothing beats a good book with a good view! Have you ever considered transforming a narrow balcony passage or porch into a reading zone? A swing chair, cane chairs or bench with comfy cushions can serve your purpose. Team it up with some pots or hanging plants for a delightful and homey reading experience.

Popping up a bubble tent, teepee or tent in your backyard with a mattress or garden mat can create an excellent, unique reading cocoon. A hanging hammock can be desirable as well. Avail the best of the seasons coupled with natural light and airy surrounding to curl up with a good book.

Source: Pinterest

Choices for stylish reading nooks are endless. Chose the one that suits your purpose, space and style and enjoy your reading!